[Hallyupedia] Bungeo-ppang

연합뉴스 / 2022-01-08 10:00:54
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by Ra Hwak Jin / Kim Sun Min

[ENG] A bread made by putting flour in water, pouring the dough in the shape of a fish, and baking with sweetened red bean paste

▲ This file photo shows Bungeo-bbang. (Yonhap)



Bungeo-ppang is a type of pastry made by adding watery flour dough and sweetened red bean paste in a fish-shaped frame. It is one of the Korean street foods that people enjoy eating especially in winter and it tastes even better when you eat it right after it is made.


Pul-ppang, which collectively refers to a type of bread made by pouring watery flour dough, also has Gukhwa(Chrysanthemum)-ppang and ddangcong(peanut)-ppang, depending on the frame you use, but Bungeo-ppang is a representative.

▲ This file photo shows Gukhwa-bbang. (Yonhap)

Bungeo-ppang is usually a size of a palm and it is sold 1000 won for two these days.

Bungeo-ppang is said to be originated from Japanese Taiyaki in the beginning of 1900’s and there are yingeo(common carp)-ppang and golden yingeo-ppang but they are collectively referred to Bungeo-bbang.

Although the original ingredient for the paste is sweetened red bean, diverse ingredients, such as custard cream and cream cheese, are used these days.


Since the 2000’s, Bungeo-ppang did not just stay in the street vendor, but rather became sophisticated and expanded to department stores and restaurants to be sold as desserts like waffles.


▲ This photo, provided by Orion, shows "Cham Bungeo-bbang. (PHOTO NOT FOR SALE) (Yonhap)


“Bibigo,” a global Korean cuisine brand created by CJ Foodville, introduced Bungeo-ppang with the name “Goldfish dessert” at Soho branch in London, U.K., which opened in 2012. Moreover, Orion, a confectionery company, released “Cham Bungeo-bbang,” which was motivated by Bungeo-ppang, in 2011 and sold over 450 million products for 10 years until last year

▲ This file photo shows Bungeo-bbang. (Yonhap)

◇ "As if you make Bungeo-ppang," "As if there is no fish in Bungeo-ppang"
▲ This file photo shows Bungeo-bbang. (Yonhap)

Since Bungeo-ppang is very familiar to Korean, it is used in many expressions. Based on the fact that Bunggeo-ppang is made from the same frame, the dictionary has referred the expression “People who look similar to each other” to Bungeo-ppang.

In this sense, SBS has aired a program called “Star Junior Show Bunggeo-bbang,” starring a famous star and his or her children for years.


The expression "as if you make Bungeo-ppang” is a metaphorical expression for a situation where the same things are produced in large quantities or in short period of time. In most cases, it contains a negative connotation that it is made poor without considering the quality.

Kim Dong-yeon, a former Minister of Economy and Finance of South Korea who declared his presidential run in the third zone ahead of next year's presidential election, recently held an event in front of the main gate of the National Assembly of South Korea and emphasized his will to criticize the two-party system and to change the frame of political scene by saying, “Even if you pour different mix of dough, the result is the same Bungeo-bbang.”

▲ This file photo shows Bungeo-bbang. (Yonhap)

The expression "as if there is no fish in Bungeo-ppang" figuratively represents a case where the name and essence are different. The expression is based on the fact that Bungeo-ppang is named because of its appearance of fish, not because it is made of fish as an ingredient.

The expression “Bungeo-bbang without Anggo(paste ingredient)” is a case where a famous expression “Jjin-bbang without Anggo,” which refers to a situation where the key point is missing, is replaced with Bungeo-bbang,



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